Health and Safety Policy

Isowall’s Group Health and Safety policy is that sound health and safety practices be applied consistently and comprehensively to all activities at all levels of the organization. It is our goal in terms of this policy to reduce work related injuries, the spread of any infectious disease at the workplace and to provide a safe environment in which employees work.
In order to achieve our aims we will promote our policy through communication and training of the Health and Safety concerns regarding our operations and products to our employees and the public. We will ensure that the workplace is safe by ensuring continued maintenance is carried out and that housekeeping standards are adhered to.
We acknowledge that it is the right of all of our employees to work in a safe and healthy environment, that they have a legal responsibility to work safely at all times, to adhere to the Health and Safety rules and to actively contribute towards achievement of this goal. The Company shall set goal and adhere to the regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Health and safety Act.
We will review this policy annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the Isowall Group. Health and safety issues will be communicated to employees via the Health and Safety Committee and the Company Newsletter.