Isolite Shape Moulded

The Isolite division of Isowall produces Expanded Polystyrene for a wide range of uses including insulation, light-weight fillers and semi-rigid cushioning. There are two methods for producing EPS products:

  • Block moulding
    This involves moulding a large block of EPS (typically 6.0 x 1.25 x 5.0) and then cutting sheets, shapes and pieces from the block using a hot wire. See our article on block moulded products for more information.
  • Shape moulding
    This involves manufacturing a customized mould for the product to be manufactured and then producing products as needed. Shape moulded products are described in this article.

EPS Shape Moulded Products

Advantages Of EPS Shape Moulded Products

  • Ideal for 3 dimensional shapes and high volume items
  • Clean and hygienic with high insulation value
  • Super quality, high protection packaging
  • Suitable for production on a JIT basis

Custom Made Shape Moulded Products Include

  • Parts for Automobile industry
  • Specific design for white goods, electrical and pharmaceutical packaging

Commodity Shape Moulded Products Include

  • Seed trays
  • Fish boxes
  • Cooler boxes
  • Hats
  • Balls

Building Shape Moulded Products Include

  • Building Blocks

EPP Shape Moulded Products

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is an engineered plastic foam material. By combining polypropylene resin with magic dust, and applying heat, pressure and CO2 in an autoclave, the material is formed into small plastic beads. These small, closed-cell foam beads are injected into a steam chest to create parts custom moulded into complex shapes using steam heat & pressure. Isowall manufactures EPP from the highest quality expanded polypropylene material available, for example, products moulded from ARPRO® and NEOPOLEN moulded products are remarkably durable, light weight, and recyclable. Expanded polypropylene has excellent energy absorption and high strength properties. Each product manufactured has a specific mould of the shape of the final product. The products produced are mainly for the automotive industry in the form of fillers, carpet underlay’s, bumpers, dash board components, door and seat parts.

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