What Are The Isowood Products?

Isowood products are recycled EPS products that are formed to make an extruded skirting board or dado rail.

As a viable alternative to hardwood our products contribute to the reduction of deforestation. They are also 100% recyclable both during the manufacture of and post consumer use. Our products can be recycled again and again. We manufacture to a finished shape and colour, thus reducing to a minimum the waste in application- this avoids the use of chemically based stains, paints and solvents.

Benefits Of Isowood

  • Extremely durable
  • Totally rot resistant
  • Thermally efficient
  • Virtually maintenance free- no painting or varnishing required
  • Totally resistant to insect and fungal attack
  • Cost efficient in the long term

Why Isowood?

  • Our Herbal Range of skirting boards and dado rails offer elegant ways to add dramatic flair and class to any room.
  • You can purchase our Herbal range in standard lengths
  • Our range is quite comprehensive, from small to large, from plain to ornate and our styles should suit any home.
  • Dado rails can be installed from between 900cm -1.2m from the floor. It really depends on your style and the impression you are trying to make.
  • You can use Isowood’s Basic board to add to any other skirting board to make a decorative effect. It is especially used in large rooms or rooms with height.
  • Dado rails can even be used to add glamour and accent to door and window frames.
  • The use of Isowood can bring a new style into any room. The dark, wide profile of the skirting boards bring drama and elegance to a room.
    • Isowood skirting boards can enhance the colour scheme in a room.
    • Isowood is an inexpensive way to bring value and beauty to any room. Isowood can add formal or casual elements, create new architectural interest - especially Victorian, to any room. It adds value and develops a sense of scale when used in conjunction with our Decorative Cornices.


Isowood U-fold Flyer

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