Specialized Departments

  • Insulated Doors
  • Light engineering
  • Specialized Tooling

Insulated Doors

  • Stringent quality control and proven standards of excellence are the pre-requisite of every Isowall door. Isowall doors are manufactured from Isowall panels and set into a heavy duty fiberglass channel frame providing access to controlled environments. Isowall manufactures:
  • A range of insulated doors are assembled to order.
  • These insulated doors are used in freezers, chillers, warehouses, classrooms and have a wide scope of application
  • Types of doors produced include:
    • Hinged
    • Sliding
    • Personnel
    • Chill and Freezer applications

Sealing and Safety

All manufactured doors work on the principle of slide-down and in for perfect sealing.

  • Coldroom doors come with an internal safety release. All gaskets are made of silicon rubber.
  • Freezer doors are equipped with self limiting heater tape to prevent freezing between the door and frame.
  • Hinged or sliding, and with or without sills, Isowall doors are manufactured to cover most applications. Our technical department can assist in developing specific doors for specific purposes.
  • Door tracks are made from heavy duty aluminum extrusions. With sliding doors, the nylon wheels for the upper sliding track are mounted to ball races with vertical and horizontal adjustment.
  • Gaskets are fitted to the frame and not to the door panel, which cuts down the possibility of damage. Door architraves are supplied to suit door size openings.

Light Engineering

  • Our light engineering is seen as a service Department
  • Various angles, channels and flashings are produced using a press brake and guillotine.
  • Light engineering is done to provide accessories for contracts, for example, goal posts, crash barriers and door thresholds.
  • This Department also produces items for other Isowall Group Departments


  • TheToolroom produces moulds for every new product for EPP and EPS moulding customers’ needs as a “custom-mould”.
  • The Toolroom produces these new moulds and services all existing moulds for use in the Departments