3 Factors that Could Affect Insulation Performance

3 Factors that Could Affect Insulation Performance

The success and performance of thermal insulation in the built environment primarily depends on the manufacturer’s material parameters and their insulating specifications, as well as the following factors.

  1. Ease of Installation

The ultimate performance of insulating sandwich panels depends on how effectively builders install these panels to maximise its thermal insulation properties.

Panelling needs to be done correctly and without any visible gaps between adjoining panels. It is done to prevent the passage of air through the gaps and minimise any heat transfer.

It is vital to choose an insulating material that is lightweight and easy to handle to make installation easier and cost-effective, too. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an excellent choice for sandwich panels due to its comfortable fitting and installation.

  1. Material Instability

Insulating materials are not unaffected by some degree of changes during the lifetime of the building. Common risks considered before installation include material shrinkage, settlement and compaction over long-term periods.

Builders need to anticipate any material risks that could impact insulation performance negatively in the future.

Some of these shortcomings can be overcome by choosing the most appropriate insulation material for building specifications and through careful installation. Once correctly installed, EPS sandwich panels maintain their insulation properties for the lifetime of the building.

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  1. Resistance to Elements

Another factor that could affect insulation efficiency in a building is resistance to natural hazards, water, moisture and fire. If humidity or fire represent high risks for the building, giving the circumstances, the installation of a suitable resistant insulator is a must.

EPS is also an excellent vapour and moisture barrier, maintaining its thermal efficiency during the lifetime of the building.

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